Horizon Foundation      

Mission Statement

Horizon Foundation supports non-profit organizations that aspire to create and maintain sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities by: 

  • Enabling children and adults to lead their communities in creative, healthy, and thoughtful ways;
  • Educating citizens to be good stewards of the environment;
  • Conserving land and water resources;
  • Encouraging service to others;
  • Promoting visual arts and music, and
  • Teaching appreciation of and preserving historic assets.

100 Commercial street, suite 315
Portland, ME 04101

We have streamlined our application process and will no longer accept Letters of Inquiry. To apply you are just required to complete the online proposal form.

Please visit our How to Apply page for more information. 

September 15, 2017 for the fall 2017 cycle
March 15, 2018 for the spring 2018 cycle

Beginning with the Fall 2016 Cycle, Horizon Foundation will divide its funding into two geographic areas: Horizon North and Horizon South. While Horizon Foundation's overall mission remains the same, the decision to bifurcate the funding into two geographic areas is intended to focus the Foundation's interests closer to where family members live and work.

Portland, Maine, will continue to be the headquarters and point of contact for Horizon's business and administration. Please see the contact page for more information. 

Horizon North will make grants to Maine organizations based primarily in Cumberland, York, Lincoln and Franklin Counties. For details, click here.

Horizon South will make grants to organizations in the following geographic areas. For details, click here.

- Barnstable County, Massachusetts
- Fairfield County, Connecticut
- Mercer County, New Jersey
- Martin County, Florida
- Blaine County, Idaho
- Pitkin County, Colorado