Horizon Foundation
Grants Made in December 1999

Fishtown Artspace Shep Abbott,
Executive Director
Gloucester, Massachusetts
One year grant of $15,000 to support the start-up of an interdisciplinary, after school program entitled Dogtown Curriculum. Funds will provide for services for the project coordinator, Shep Abbott, and other professional consultants on the project.
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Annette deCharon,
Community Education Coordinator
West Boothbay Harbor, Maine
One year grant of $15,000 to provide necessary materials and to support the work of project coordinator, Annette deCharon, in designing, marketing and implementing the school-based program entitled, Harmful Algal Blooms: What You Can't See Can Hurt You.
Center for Cultural Exchange Lindsay Hancock,
Development Director
Portland, Maine
One year grant of $8,000 to support the Youth Intensive Project (YIP!), which uses the performing arts to develop positive self esteem and personal growth among African-American, Cambodian-American, and Hispanic youth.
Essex County Community Foundation David Tory,
Topsfield, Massachusetts
Three year grant of $60,000:  $25,000, year one;  $20,000, year two;  $15,000, year three to support the Environmental Stewardship Initiative, which promotes appreciation for and stewardship of Essex County's natural environment by building an understanding of the connections between human activities and their impact on the region's water resources and by fostering connections among those interested in preserving the County's special natural qualities.
Immigrant City Archives Paige Roberts,
Executive Director
Lawrence, Massachusetts
One year grant of $10,000 to support compensating a museum educator to fully develop and implement the project entitled, The Birth of an Immigrant City: The History and Environment of the Merrimack River, an interdisciplinary social science curriculum for middle school students in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
The International House of Blues Foundation Kevin Ball,
Program Director
Cambridge, Massachusetts
One year grant of $10,000 to support the Blues Schoolhouse program at the House of Blues which creates for children a unique multi-media classroom introducing them to music, art and history of African-Americans and the international impact of the Blues.
Ipswich River Watershed Association Kerry Mackin,
Executive Director
Topsfield, Massachusetts
Two year grant of $18,000: $12,000. year one, and $6,000. year two, supporting the development and implementation of Our Main Stream: Watershed Education Project for Schools. This project expands an existing school-based program, adds teacher training, water quality monitoring sites, and helps create better communications tools for ideas and information exchange.
Boy Scouts - Knox Trail Council Thomas Slavicek,
Communications Director
Framingham, Massachusetts
One year grant of $10,000 to support the Nobscot Project, an effort to preserve the Nobscot Scout Reservation, to enhance the environmental education opportunities by building learning loops, interpretive trails, and to develop curriculum units for schools and other visiting groups.
Medomak Valley Land Trust The Rev. John Ineson,
Waldoboro, Maine
One year grant of $3,000 to support  the efforts of the Medomak Valley Land Trust in the creation of educational brochures to promote and sustain the watershed of the Medomak River.
New England String Ensemble Peter Stickel,
Executive Director
Wakefield, Massachusetts
One year challenge grant of $10,000 to support the New England Musical Heritage Initiative, which challenges young musicians to compose, learn and perform music compositions which reflect the life of New Englanders, past and present.
Project Adventure, Inc. Nancy Terry,
Director of Research and Development
Hamilton, Massachusetts
Two year grant of $35,000: $20,000 year one; $15,000 year two, to support the curriculum development and implementation of Project Adventure's new Center for Environmental Leadership program. The project will help students and teachers build an understanding of their environment and empower them to act on its behalf.
Society for the Protection of New England Antiquities Robert Surabian,
Director of Major Gifts
Boston, Massachusetts
Two year grant of $10,000: year one;  $7,500., challenge grant year two, to support the design, implementation, and teacher training for three curriculum pieces conducted at the c. 1690 Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury: Dirt Detectives, Hearthstones and Gravestones, and In Search of a Story.
Thornton Burgess Society Jeanne Johnson,
Executive Director
East Sandwich, Massachusetts
One year grant of $5,000 to support the on-going curriculum design and implementation of the Project LIFE curriculum for grades five through seven. Teacher training, mentoring with local high school students and development of classroom and field study lesson plans are all components supported by this grant.
Tri-Town Council Gary Sinclair,
Executive Director
Topsfield, Massachusetts
One year grant of $2,000 to support the operations of the Tri-Town Council's Teen Center, an after school site providing activities, prevention and mediation training for local teens.
The Women's Crisis Center, Inc. Deborah Andrews,
Acting Executive Director
Newburyport, Massachusetts
One year grant of $3,000. to support the design and implementation of Jesse's Journal, a play designed to address the critical issues of early adolescence. It will be performed at local middle schools to help stimulate wise decision-making and creative problem solving skills and provide opportunities to teach accountability and responsibility to self and others.