Horizon Foundation Fall 2020 Funding Cycle:

(9-15-20 Update: All invitations have already been made for the Fall 2020 funding cycle.)

Again this fall of 2020, Horizon will continue with its “Invitation Only” funding process. In light of the continuing pandemic, Horizon recognizes that the unprecedented disruption of life and business calls for continuing the strategic focus of our grantmaking that we began in the spring of 2020.

To that end, in Maine we have selected a number of organizations the foundation knows well and wishes to support, specifically those working in two general fields: those organizations that serve children, providing either in-person or online arts, enrichment, and leadership programming, and those that provide food and care for the most vulnerable among us. Additionally, while COVID19 disrupts life as we know it, the challenge of climate change continues unabated, demanding purposeful response and action in support of and in alignment with the work of the Maine Climate Council.

Outside of Maine, we are striving to keep educational opportunities vital and operational. In addition, we remain committed to those organizations that have demonstrated a deep commitment to protect families, their communities and the land that sustains them.

Undoubtedly, this will come as a disappointment to many excellent organizations hoping to receive Horizon grants. We routinely receive grant proposals for two or three times the amount of dollars we have available in the grant budget. By going with an “Invitation Only” model we hope to be strategic in our selection of organizations, supportive of our mission, and responsive to the urgency the pandemic has created.

Our grant proposal deadline - only for invited organizations - is October 1. 

Invited organizations will be notified by August 1. Again, we always regret we are unable to meet the needs of many organizations. We wish you, your family, and your community well in this challenging time.

Thank you,

Sandy Buck

President, Horizon Foundation, Inc.


Grant Size

Horizon generally will make grants in the $5,000 to $20,000 range, with an average grant size of about $12,500. While many grants will be for onetime projects, multi-year support will be considered. The Foundation will consider proposals for both challenge or matching grants, and encourages collaborative efforts with other grant makers.


Horizon Foundation does not fund and will not consider applications from the following:

  • Annual, building, capital, or endowment fund drives;

  • Colleges and universities;

  • Emergency requests;

  • Health/mental health programs;

  • Individuals;

  • International or foreign programs;

  • Public and private schools;

  • Religious projects; and/or

  • State agencies.

Grant Recipients

Past grantees must wait at least two years before reapplying. For example, if your organization received a grant in spring 2017, you would next be eligible to submit an application for our spring 2019 cycle.

Under most circumstances, final reports are due from grantees one year after receiving a grant. In some cases, we may request an interim update. Instructions will be provided on how to submit a report through our online grant system.


Site Visits and Timing

Once you have submitted your application, we may contact you to set up a site visit to meet with you and see your work in action.

Grant decisions are made in late May for the spring cycle and late November for our fall cycle. Organizations receiving grants will be notified of the award and must complete our simple, online grant contract before we mail the grant check. We generally mail checks out around June 1st for the spring cycle and December 1st for the fall cycle.


Horizon Foundation

(207) 773-5101

100 Commercial Street, Suite 315
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